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General Leonidas Polk's Flag

Waters Battery flag (Polks and Braggs Corps pattern).

Bishop Leonidas Polk - Later a general in the Confederate Army

Headquarters Flag of General Robert F. Hoke A native of Lincolnton, General Robert F. Hoke rose to the rank of major general during the Civil War. This is a second national pattern Confederate flag adopted on May 1, 1863 and used until replaced on March 4, 1865. Because of its large white field this pattern flag was nicknamed the "stainless banner." This flag most certainly marked Hoke's headquarters during his brilliant victory at Plymouth, North Carolina on April 20, 1864. This flag was do...

1st TN Infantry Polk battle flag Army of Tennessee

The illustration features the three most popular rebel generals standing in the center . . . Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and P.G.T. Beauregard. The other generals are pictured around the outer edge of the leaf, forming a frame for the three in the center.

presentation flag of Confederate Brigadier General Lloyd Tilghman

General Lee's Headquarters at the Museum of the Confederacy

Hetty Cary's Flag presented to General's Beauregard and Johnston. Silk with gold gilt stars and cross. at the MOC

22nd Alabama Infantry flag (Polks and Braggs Corps pattern). :: Alabama Photographs and Pictures Collection

Army of Tennessee pattern Battle Flag ordered by General Johnston; at the Museum of the Confederacy


The 15-star Confederate Battle Flag Of General Lloyd Tilghman Of Maryland

General George A. Custer’s Headquarters Command designating Flag, 3rd Div. Cavalry Corp., and General Custer commanded the 3rd Cavalry Division in 1864 thru the end of the Civil War in 1865. This flag served with Custer during 1864 and 1865 alongside his 3rd Personal Guidon.

3rd Confederate Infantry flag (Arkansas-Mississippi regiment) [Polk's Brigade, Cleburne's Division, Hill's Corps]. Alabama Photographs and Pictures Collection.

Rare Photo of Tattered Civil War FLAG


Rangers with captured Nazi flag - location unknown, probably 1943-44.

WWII American flag raised in France! Happy Flag Day!!

Flags of the British Empire

great flag