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    Lion Love... Want to see more beautiful art? Visit - Sarah Angst Fine Artist & Printmaker - for bright & bold watercolor block prints - landscapes, animals, flowers...

    "The embrace”.. by Stephan Brauchli

    The Maltese tiger, or blue tiger, is a semi-hypothetical coloration morph of a tiger, reported mostly in the Fujian Province of China. It is said to have bluish fur with dark grey stripes. Most of the Maltese tigers reported have been of the South Chinese subspecies. The South Chinese tiger today is critically endangered, and the "blue" alleles may be wholly extinct. Blue tigers have also been reported in Korea, home of Siberian tigers. (artists impression)

    Female Eurasian Lynx

    The Pallas's cat, also called manul, is a small wild cat with a broad but fragmented distribution in the grasslands and montane steppes of Central Asia.

    Fishing Cat (by ~CharlesWb)

    Mountain lion with her kittens.

    It's raining...Mom!

    Sumatran Tiger by PACsWorld

    love tigers

    Leopard Cub

    ~~Mountain Lion in the Snow, Montana by Gail Shumway~~

    Ocelot cub (felis paradalis)

    "The Lion Outpost!"

    Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

    From Left to Right: Ghost Tiger, White Tiger, Tabby Tiger, Bengal Tiger.

    Lion (Panthera leo).

    Albino bobcat

    rare black serval

    Fierce Black Panther

    Siberian Lynx

    Lynx in the snow!,

    Snow Leopard

    Melanistic jaguar - Melanism is an overabundance of black pigment in animals and is actually the opposite of albinism and even more rare.