• Mandy

    true story. Me and my kid both speak to each other frequently in movie quotes.

  • Angie Corbit

    After 23 years of marriage (so far), my husband and I communicate so often and effectively in movie and TV quotes, I believe that by the time we get to the nursing home, we will have our own language that NO ONE else will understand but us!!

  • Natalie Church

    Movies quotes TV quotes and song lyrics

  • Marissa Scroggins

    So true- movie quotes and song lyrics ;-)

  • Justin Catt

    So true!! lol - Mean Girls

  • Kimber Jackson

    I often get punched for talking in movie quotes. But it's worth it. I still make people laugh

  • CiCi C

    Funny Quotes from movies | movie quotes

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I have done this many times :)

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so true!

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