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    Willie Vicarage, suffering facial wounds in the Battle of Jutland 1916 Naval Battle was one of the first men to receive facial reconstruction using plastic surgery. Doctor Harold Gillies created the "tubed pedicle" technique that used a flap of skin from the chest or forehead and swung it into place over the face. The flap remained attached but was stitched into a tube, keeping the original blood supply intact and dramatically reducing the infection rate.

    Willie Vicarage, who was suffering from facial wounds that he sustained in the Battle of Jutland in 1916, was one of the first men to receive facial reconstruction using plastic surgery. Read more at


    Maggot Therapy: Since the 1990s, with the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, maggots have become a more viable option. Fly larvae are effective because they liquefy and consume dead tissue, kill harmful bacteria and stimulate healing. During therapy, maggots are placed in the wound and covered in a cage or pouch to keep them contained within the infected area for two days. Several two-day sessions may be needed for the wound to heal completely.

    22-year old Wu Xiaoyan’s parents have been unable to afford the medical costs and have had to watch helplessly as their beloved daughter’s face twisted out of shape. Doctor Liao Quiqing from the hospital that is treating her in Lishui Zhejang, Southern China said: “She now has a severe facial deformity – a Fibrous Dysplasia.

    Bio-Genica is a Bioengineering Company that has combined, and modified existing DNA to create Genpets - living, breathing mammals - flesh and blood just like any other animal. Packaged in plastic they hang on retail shelves in a chemically induced type of hibernation controlled by a protein in the packages’ nutrient supply tubes

    German fencing photograph. It was all the rage to ensure you got a suave facial scar. So much so that it was made illegal to intentionally inflict one.

    The Boomschmidt Circus giant and his legless wife


    What they found was so surreal that one thirty-year ranger described it as the strangest thing he had ever seen.  It appeared as though Charles had “melted” right into his jeans while sitting on a log.  His pants hadn’t been disturbed by animals or removed before his death.  There were socks in his jeans and there were toe bones in the socks, but these ended with a bit of broken tibia.   The rest of Charles was mysteriously absent from the site of his demise.  A thorough search of the lonesome …

    In Guizhou, China, a 64-year-old man has a bizarre facial anomaly. According to the article, at the age of eleven, while in the mountains, he was licked in the face by a wolf and was supposedly infected by something, causing his facial disfigurement over time.

    Anencephaly c. 1890’s. (Anencephaly is a neural tube defect that occurs when the cephalic end of the neural tube fails to close, resulting in the absence of a major portion of the brain, skull, and scalp.)

    The Durrant Girls -- A family with four unusual daughters. They are two sets of twins, each set consisting of one black girl and one white girl. The Durrants are a mixed race couple. The odds of having two sets of twins come out like this must be astronomical!

    This is what happens when severe burns heal without proper treatment.

    The first picture is actually true, everyone technically has a tail in rare occasions it fully forms. These are all true defects of life.

    ca. 1890-1900, Reverend Eavens, a man with a hole in his chest. There are no details on what caused the hole.

    Man recovering from leprosy--horrible!

    The Scold’s Bridle, a British invention, possibly originated in Scotland, was used between the 16th and 19th Century and it was a device used to control, humiliate and punish gossiping, troublesome women by effectively gagging them. Sometimes the device had a ring and chain attached to it so the husband could parade her around town and the town’s people could scold her and treat her with contempt; at times smearing excrement on her and beating her, sometimes to death.

    Alice Elizabeth Doherty was the only known person born in the United States with the exceedingly rare condition hypertrichosis lanuginosa or dog-faced hypertrichosis.

    Youngest girl to ever give birth, Linda Medina. She was 5 years, 7 months and 21 days old when she gave birth to a 6lb baby boy in 1933