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Maryann Milstein
Maryann Milstein • 2 years ago

Willie Vicarage, suffering facial wounds in the Battle of Jutland 1916 Naval Battle was one of the first men to receive facial reconstruction using plastic surgery. Doctor Harold Gillies created the "tubed pedicle" technique that used a flap of skin from the chest or forehead and swung it into place over the face. The flap remained attached but was stitched into a tube, keeping the original blood supply intact and dramatically reducing the infection rate.

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Diprosopus, also known as craniofacial duplication, is an extremely rare congenital disorder whereby parts (accessories) or all of the face is duplicated on the head.

A rare facial deformity

Man with ghost face. Born in the 19th century, Edward Mordrake was a man of 2 faces. According to pictures and various accounts, Edward Mordrake had an extra face on the back of his head. The face could not talk or speak, but it could cry and laugh. Edward went to doctors, begging for them to remove his “demon head” – because it would whisper horrible things to him as he tried to sleep. Unfortunately, no doctor helped him - he committed suicide at the age of 23.

Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva is a disease where the body’s repair mechanism is completely broken, and starts “healing” the fibrous tissue (muscles, tendons and ligaments) by turning them into bone. Your whole body is slowly being petrified. There’s no known treatment for the 450 sufferers worldwide, and in one famous case a sufferer survived up to the age 40, at which point his entire body, except his lips and transformed into bone, leaving him completely immobile.


Sanju Bhagat, a native of India, learned to manage with his abnormally large stomach until he was hospitalized for shortness of breath in 1999. 36 years old at the time, doctors presumed he had a tumor in his stomach and operated to remove it. However, when they opened him up, they found a partly formed fetus with highly developed hands and feet. It was discovered that Bhagat had a very rare condition called fetus in fetu, which results from one fetus wrapping around its twin during pregnancy

Anencephaly c. 1890’s. (Anencephaly is a neural tube defect that occurs when the cephalic end of the neural tube fails to close, resulting in the absence of a major portion of the brain, skull, and scalp.)

WW I veteran with prosthetics.

Union soldier Carlton Burgan of Maryland's Purnell Legion, whose upper maxilla bones were destroyed by mercury poisoning from a cold drug called calomel (1862).