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    Willie Vicarage, suffering facial wounds in the Battle of Jutland 1916 Naval Battle was one of the first men to receive facial reconstruction using plastic surgery. Doctor Harold Gillies created the "tubed pedicle" technique that used a flap of skin from the chest or forehead and swung it into place over the face. The flap remained attached but was stitched into a tube, keeping the original blood supply intact and dramatically reducing the infection rate.

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    Willie Vicarage, the First Man to Receive Radical Reconstruction Via the 'Tubed Pedicule' technique

    Before and after, of the world's first successful face graft. The woman, had tried to commit suicide with narcotics, she vomited and fell asleep. Her dog gnawed off part of her face as she lay passed out. The dog was euthanized. (DB)

    Coughed up cancer She states that she felt a tickle in her throat, and started hacking, and out came a 2 cm long heart shaped lump. She took the tumor to the doctor and it was the cancer, an aggressive throat and mouth cancer called metastatic adenocarcinoma. The doctors said, congratulations you coughed up your cancer. After further examination, CT scans showed the cancerous tumor was gone.

    Jose Mestre suffers from haemangioma, a condition that causes abnormalities in the capillaries and veins in his face. Blood pools in his face, which has caused him to develop a huge weeping facial tumor. He is commonly called The Man with No Face. He has refused medical treatment because he is a Jehovahs Witness.]

    The Boomschmidt Circus giant and his legless wife

    Graphic Image - WWI Trench warfare exposed soldiers to a vast increase in head and facial injuries, leading to tremendous advancements in plastic surgery and facial reconstruction. However, not all surgeries were successful www.uterinefury.c...

    Mary Ann Webster was born in London in 1874, one of 8 children. As a young woman she worked as a nurse then in 1903, shortly after her marriage, Mary Ann began showing symptoms of acromegaly a form progressive giantism that causes abnormal growth and distortion of the facial features and joint and muscle pain. To support her 4 children after her husband's death in 1914 she entered and won an "Ugly Woman" contest. She worked as a sideshow attraction from 1920 until her death Dec 26 1933, aged 59.

    Opium den, the fact is they were getting opium, morphene and weed in their medicines from the doctors...

    Mya was admitted to a hospital near the family's home in Hutchinson, Kansas. Doctors thought she had a staph infection of her lymph nodes. But when they tried to drain the bump, nothing came out. Hours later, Aaron Whittington and his wife Emma noticed what appeared to be a "half-inch string" protruding from Mya's face. "[The pediatrician] threw on gloves and she pulled out a 2-inch feather and she's like, 'It's a feather.' And we're like, 'What do you mean it's a feather?' -Yahoo News

    Ed Gein's 'skin apron'

    22-year old Wu Xiaoyan’s parents have been unable to afford the medical costs and have had to watch helplessly as their beloved daughter’s face twisted out of shape. Doctor Liao Quiqing from the hospital that is treating her in Lishui Zhejang, Southern China said: “She now has a severe facial deformity – a Fibrous Dysplasia.

    In Guizhou, China, a 64-year-old man has a bizarre facial anomaly. According to the article, at the age of eleven, while in the mountains, he was licked in the face by a wolf and was supposedly infected by something, causing his facial disfigurement over time. *Im not a doctor but this image reminds me all too much of Noma, however all of the blogs/articles I read(providing I had to use Google translate) mentioned the wold being the source of this mans disfigurement.*

    19th century experiment in the use of electrical stimulation to create facial expressions.

    German fencing photograph. It was all the rage to ensure you got a suave facial scar. So much so that it was made illegal to intentionally inflict one.

    Alexandra David-Néel: Born in 1868 in Paris, by the time she was 18 she’d traveled around Europe & was a member of the Theosophical Society. When she was in her 40s she traveled to India to study Buddhism, met a prince, and possibly had an affair with him. During her travels in Asia, she lived in a cave, adopted a monk & traveled to Tibet at a time it was closed to foreigners. She met the 13th Dalai Lama which no European lady had ever done before. She died AT THE AGE OF 101 in 1969.

    What they found was so surreal that one thirty-year ranger described it as the strangest thing he had ever seen.  It appeared as though Charles had “melted” right into his jeans while sitting on a log.  His pants hadn’t been disturbed by animals or removed before his death.  There were socks in his jeans and there were toe bones in the socks, but these ended with a bit of broken tibia.   The rest of Charles was mysteriously absent from the site of his demise.  A thorough search of the lonesome …

    Maggot Therapy: Since the 1990s, with the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, maggots have become a more viable option. Fly larvae are effective because they liquefy and consume dead tissue, kill harmful bacteria and stimulate healing. During therapy, maggots are placed in the wound and covered in a cage or pouch to keep them contained within the infected area for two days. Several two-day sessions may be needed for the wound to heal completely.

    The first person to receive plastic surgery, sailor Walter Yeo lost both sets of eyelids during the Battle of Jutland (1916) and was treated by Doctor Harold Gillies, the "father of plastic surgery," who became the first man to use skin grafts from undamaged areas on the body.

    A rare facial deformity

    Four views of facial reconstruction after a war wound, July 1916.