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Karl Schöngarth was an SS Brigadier General who committed mass murder and genocide in Poland during the Holocaust. He formed several Einsatzgruppen in Warsaw, Radom, and Lublin. He was responsible for the murder of up to 10,000 Jewish citizens between July and September 1941 and later the massacre of Lviv professors during Operation Barbarossa. He later worked as a Commander of the Gestapo in the Netherlands. Captured by the Allies, he was hanged for murdering a downed Allied pilot.

Amon Goeth on the balcony of his villa at Plaszow concentration camp before selecting random prisoners to shoot

Hans Hüttig, Kommandant at Natzweiler (1942) and Herzogenbusch (1943-1944.)  He also served in four other camps during his career. About 17,000 persons died at Natzweiler during the war, while the number, who died at Herzogenbusch remains unknown. At the end of the war, was assigned to the 34th SS Division.  He was sentenced to Life imprisonment but was released in 1956.  He died in 1980.

Otto Hofmann (1896 – 1982) was an Austrian SS-Gruppenführer and an official of Nazi Germany's "Race and Settlement Main Office". In this capacity, he was one of the participants in the Wansee Conference that set the policies for the Holocaust. After the war, in 1948, Hofmann was sentenced to 25 years in prison for war crimes. He was pardoned in 1954. Thereafter, he worked as a clerk until his death in 1982.

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29 Sad, lonely & Tough Images from the Vietnam War

War dominated 30 years of Vietnam’s history last century. The struggle that began with communists fighting French colonial power in the 1940s did not end until they seized Saigon and control of the…

SS Brigadier and Major General of Police Erwin Schulz commanded Einsatzkommando 5 (special killing squad 5 under Einsatzgruppe C) that murdered 150,000 civilians in the Ukraine, participating in such horrors as the Babi Yar massacre of Jews. Schulz then applied for transfer because he was perceived as "soft" having refused to shoot women and children. He survived the war, was imprisoned but he was eventually paroled and died a free man in 1981.

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Henry Lee Lucas

Henry Lee Lucas was a necrophiliac that beat, stabbed, strangled, and dismembered his victims. He is believed to have committed over 100 horrendous murders, including his mother and 10-year-old niece. Lucas was a roofer and many of the murders were committed with his co-worker, Ottis Toole, who was just as sadistic. Both men had horribly abusive upbringings... the creation of two more serial killers.

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The 100-year mystery of why suffragette Emily Davison threw herself under the king's horse

Đòi quyền bình đẳng cho phụ nữ cũng là một sự kiến lớn trong thập kỷ này. Nó giúp người phụ nữ đấu tranh cho mình, sự kiện này cũng gây ảnh hưởng lớn cho thời trang lúc bấy giờ

Winkie Winkie was a pigeon who won the Dickin Medal in 1943 for assisting in the rescue of an aircrew forced to ditch in North Sea during the Second World War.