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Donald Sutherland

Donald Sutherland - he's always been such a quality, sexy actor. I first fell in love with him in "Don't Look Now" in the

David Bowie

The late music icon, David Bowie aka David Jones, at age I love this photo. Kudos to US WEEKLY Magazine, for the BEST cover story on the late star (February

If I could pick anybody in the celebrity world to just hang around it would probably be him.

Stephen Colbert, He is leaving the Colbert Report I will miss he's character of an extreme right wing member of the one percent club. your the best Stephen cheers from Paul Ianni

Daniel Carrillo again

Thomas Roy "Tom" Skerritt (born August is an American actor. © Photo by Dan Carrillo

Sean Connery | #Luxury #Travel Gateway VIPsAccess.com  I'd travel to see him any day

Sir Sean Connery, one of the greatest actors of our time. I named my son Sean after him!

Michael Palin - comedian, actor, writer and television presenter

Michael Palin - comedian, actor, writer and television presenter this man

Tommy Lee Jones, Nigel Parry - 50 Famous Portrait Photographers You Need to See

Tommy Lee Jones - American actor and film director. Photo by Nigel Parry.

Chris Farley, 33, heroin and cocaine overdose

Celebrities Who Died Too Young

Chris Farley February 1964 - December 1997 He had so much going for him