The Twin Towers with the Statue of Liberty in foreground.

World Trade Center

New One World Trade Center, New York

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From the Brooklyn Bridge on 9-11

Many around the world say that we should stop the yearly 9/11 memorials. I will never forget, I don't want to forget. There are many atrocities that should never be forgotten.

September 11, 2001....We will never forget ....

The Statue of Liberty, flanked by the twin towers of the World Trade Center, Dec. 5, 1983. Photo by Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times

Louis Stettner - Twin Towers, 1979

The Twin Towers Never forget the lives and familes that lost so much on 911

susie's big adventure: The 9/11 Teardrop Memorial

The Twin Towers.

New York City apartments... <3 #NYC

Lights of Twin Towers at Ground Zero, NY

Statue of Liberty

The World Trade Center officially opened on April 4, 1973.

✯ Symbols Of Freedom

World Trade Center New York, before September 11, 2001. Those who are guilty of what followed would want me to mention their mission and motives.

NYC. World Trade Center Towers in construction


30 Famous Landmarks That Capture The True Spirit Of New York. Lady Liberty, one of the most popular tourist attraction in New York, as the statue is otherwise called was given to America as a gift from France to symbolize their friendship and was dedicated in 1886.