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    JEB Stuart Headquarters Flag - 2nd National pattern. Also known as "The Stainless Banner At the MOC

    2nd National Colors, 30th Massachusetts Infantry

    The Personal Battle Flag of General JEB Stuart

    J.E.B. Stuart, C.S.A.

    Third National Flag also known as "The Blood Stained Banner" at the MOC

    WWII Printable Timeline Poster

    ♥ God Bless USA My homage to those that lost their lives or loved ones on September 11 2001. May god protect and bless us all. "For the flag still stands for freedom, and they can't take that away"

    61st Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment Battle Flag. The 61st was a regiment in Major General William Mahones division, This flag was surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse on April 9th 1865. A Connecticut soldier took the flag home. Wool bunting and cotton.

    Brigadier General Bradley T. Johnson's Headquarters Guidon. On August 7, 1864, at Moorefield, West Va, Brig General William Averell's Second Cav Div, Dept of West Va, captured Johnson's headquarters guidon. Averell's command included the 1st Regt Cav, N Y Vol. The canton, appliqued onto the front and back, is wool with cotton stars. The field is cotton and heavily soiled and stained. Approximately 25% of the flag is missing including the upper fly quadrant and several stars on both sides. | U1583853 | 19 Feb 1968, Hue, South Vietnam --- A Marine radioman takes a breather along the wall of the Citadel in Hue. A makeshift flagpole and a chair support the American flag which flies over the command post of Delta Company. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

    Confederate Battle Flag captured at Gettysburg

    Headquarters Flag of General Robert F. Hoke A native of Lincolnton, General Robert F. Hoke rose to the rank of major general during the Civil War. This is a second national pattern Confederate flag adopted on May 1, 1863 and used until replaced on March 4, 1865. Because of its large white field this pattern flag was nicknamed the "stainless banner." This flag most certainly marked Hoke's headquarters during his brilliant victory at Plymouth, North Carolina on April 20, 1864. This flag was donate

    This is a Confederate Second National pattern battle flag carried by the Consolidated 6th & 7th Arkansas Infantry Regiment.



    CONFEDERATE 12 STAR FIRST NATIONAL FLAG - from Alexander Historical Auctions

    Civil War National flag.

    16th NC Battle Flag.

    Confederate Battle Flag - A very historically misunderstood flag. Representing the seceded states during the civil war, the flag is a very important part of American history, as well as one of the most beautiful flags in the world.

    Fifth Bunting Issue (Part 4) The fifth bunting pattern of the Richmond Clothing Depot was only briefly issued and only as a replacement flag. As a general rule it was issued unmarked; however, at least two units of Clingman's Brigade who lost their colors at Fort Harrison received replacements that bore battle honors and unit abbreviations like the 1863 divisional issues. No flags other than infantry size are known to have been made.