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  • Cailean Kohagen

    richard scarry birthday party food ideas: gummy worms for lowly worm (or is that weird?)

  • Crystal Rondeau

    Vegan Gummy Worms 8 table spoons Agar Agar powder (not flakes, they're not going to get solid enough!) 4 cups fruit juice (your favorite flavor!) 1 sauce pan 1 worm mold (you can find these at craft stores, and around Halloween, I got mine from a child's "mad scientist" candy kit!) 1 half cup corn starch (or close) 1 pinch of salt (really a pinch will do!) Access to running water, stove, freezer... 4 table spoons of dry sweetener of your choice, I use sugar but you may omit this ingredient if you'd like. ( a liquid one will make it more runny, we don't want that!) 1 stirring device (plastic or wooden spoons work beautifully!) 1 sheet waxed paper 1 smashin' plate (see step 5) Optional: citric acid or ascorbic acid spray (for sour gummy candy) Spray it on after they're done! You can find this at health food stores or online! You can also choose to add a few drops of food coloring or flavoring (vanilla/lemon/etc.) Do this in Step 2! You can also obviously use any other candy mold you'd like, I know of a guy who used Legos somehow, just make sure that you're using a food grade plastic for your mold! Okay so now that you've got your materials together you can start making your GUMMY WORMS! In an area free of clutter, dogs, cats, gerbils and grabby small children you may begin with... Step 1: Dust your worm mold with cornstarch. Dust it well enough to cover it completely but not so well that you're going to mess with the shape of your worms.Place in the freezer for later. Step 2: Dissolve the Agar Agar powder, salt, sugar (And any optional coloring or flavoring) in your sauce pan. Let stand a few (maybe 5) minutes before applying to heat.Stir Step 3:Place the pan (with all your yummy ingredients) on the stove and bring to a boil over medium heat. Stirring constantly, Boil until the mixture becomes thick.Think of the paste you used to make that one kid eat in grammar school, or that you ate in grammar school...Remove from heat. Step 4:Take your dusted molds out of the freezer and place on a stable area ( a cleared counter top would be wonderful!) Now carefully but quickly (this stuff is hot folks!) dab the mixture into the molds. ( too much and they'll look weird, too little they'll look weird, just experiment!) Step 5: place the wax paper on top of the mold tray. place your Smashin plate on top of the waxed paper. Now get to smashin! What I mean is, Apply pressure using your hands to the plate atop the waxed paper, atop the worms, inside the molds. Step 6: Scrape off any of the mixture that is left over (not settled into the molds) and shape into whatever shapes you'd like. Place all of these and the mold (with the mixture in it) into the freezer for about 30 minutes. Step 7: Remove the worms from the freezer. Spray on ascorbic acid/citric acid, roll in sugar, or leave plain. These are your gummy candies you can eat them now or chase your significant persons around the house with them it's your call!

  • Julie

    book worms

  • Anna Typy-Lee

    Hello crafters and creative peoples! It's early in the morning on a beautiful Saturday in lovely Seattle Wa. and here I am having a craving for something sweet. Only the problem is I'm craving something that is generally made with an animal...

  • Angelina Cleveland

    finger foods - great ideas for New Years Eve.

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