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November 27-December 9, 1965 The 3d Brigade, 1st Infantry Division and the 7th ARVN Regiment begin operation Bushmaster II, a search and destroy mission in reaction to the VC attack on the Michelin Rubber Plantation in Tay Ninh Province, III CTZ. 1000 grenades and 15 weapons are destroyed while 301 VC are KIA.

November 27, 1965 An estimated VC Regiment overruns the 7th ARVN Rgt HQ in the Michelin Rubber Plantation northeast of Tay Ninh. Friendly casualties are heavy

September 23-30, 1965 On a weeklong battle for the Phu Co outpost along Highway 1 northwest of Qui Nonh, II CTZ, the 41st ARVN Infantry Regiment, 23d ARVN Infantry Division, killed an estimated 700 Vietcongs. Friendly casualties were moderate in the action, which involved an overall Vietcong force estimated at regiment size.

April 21 - May 5, 1966 Operation Mosby II starts, the 2d Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division (1/5, 2/5, 2/12 Cav) conducts search and destroy, reconnaissance in force and interdiction operations west of Highway 14 between Pleiku and Kontum provinces, II CTZ

November 21-December 17, 1965 Operation New Life/16-65 begins: the 1/503, 2/503 (173d Abn Bde), 1/2, 1/26 (1st Inf Div) and 1 RAR participate in this month-long counterinsurgency effort. The overall strategy is denial of VC access to the rice harvest, and restoring to government control an area generally under VC domination since late 1964. The brigade AO is centered on the rice-growing areas of the La Nga Valley, in the vicinity of Vo Dat and Vo Xu in Binh Tuy Province, 80 km east-north

October 22, 1965 Battle for Plei Me SF Camp: After being reinforced with the two companies from the 91st ARVN Airborne Rangers, the Project Delta force sends three companies to clear the NVA from the high ground. They are defeated in a bitter fight with the NVA.

September 6, 1967 Secretary of Defence Robert McNamara announces the plan to build a fortified barrier just south of the DMZ to prevent infiltration into South Vietnam. Officially known as the SPOS (Strong Point Obstacle System), it will become famous as the McNamara Line.

October 27, 1965 The month-long Ia Drang campaign begins as the US 2d Battalion, 8th Cavalry passes through the Plei Me CIDG camp and retakes the southern outpost from the NVA, marking the first time an American infantry unit has battled in response to a besieged SF CIDG camp.

Marines of the 60 mm mortar section of Kilo Co., 3/1 get ready to set-in for the night during Operation Badger in Quang Tri Province, January 1968. (National Archives)

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