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  • Patricia Snelson

    Lunch note jokes to stick in the kids' lunches! What a fun idea Jonah loves lunch box notes:-)

  • Meghan Heller

    School Jokes: lunch note printables | Lunch box jokes! Great idea~ Nate would love!

  • Heather McCormick

    School Jokes: lunch note printables School lunches can get boring - print off the school jokes lunch notes and put one in their lunchbag each day. It will give them something to chuckle about.

  • Ellen Zimmer

    School Jokes: lunch note printables | Peonies and lunch box notes

  • Dana Preston

    Lunch note jokes to stick in the kids' lunches! What a fun idea. -- (Orrr I just think these jokes are real funny & wish I could find them in my lunchbox!!)

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