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So God made a dog. | Quote by redtettemer Dedicated to my first German Shepherd and the last dog I will ever love that much. She was wonderful and I will never be able to replace her. Miss you bunches Girl.

Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love, they depart to teach us about loss. A new dog never replaces an old dog, it merely expands the heart. If you have loved many dogs your heart is very big.

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Community Post: 60 Times Golden Retrievers Were So Adorable You Wanted To Cry

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. Can't wait till I can get a puppy someday!

#Dog parents: Being a mother means loving someone unconditionally with your whole heart. #love

This is for Andrea Buck and Family I honestly believe it - God is very mindful of his creation and knows when even a sparrow falls.

He might only be here for a part of your life, but for him, you are his whole life | Remember that people. Dogs are forever, not until you get tired of them. They are alot of work, but they give you unconditional love. They deserve the same in return!