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What is a Yooper? Def from Kerri Houck Northern Michigan Girl, Eh.

Yooper. I still have my Yooper Accent, and I haven't lived there in 29 years!!! Lol

The U.P. is the BEST!...*Happy to be a Yooper!

Only one left in the store and nobody bought it lol

I'm gonna get me some 906 Gear one day! Wish I wasn't so paranoid about ordering clothes online!

THE U.P.!! I'm a Yooper!! I hate when people call any part of the lower peninsula 'northern Michigan'..... fuck you, its not northern... the U.P has Northern Michigan University, and is the furthest north... Therefore, its northern Michigan... take your trollness else where.. thanks!

Once a yooper, always a yooper ♥

Yoopers -Upper Peninsula...*We use our right hand (palm up) for the Lower Peninsula and our left hand (palm up and positioned above the right hand) for the Upper Peninsula! Try it!

Because we surf on ice above the bridge lol #YoopScoop