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  • Jennifer Weissman

    Southern by the grace of God... Gotta love us southern women with our accents, our bless your cotton pickin heart sayings, my my my, or its shut my mouth delish! God bless us southern gals.

  • Grace Logan

    Being a southern girl is the best thing god can give you!

  • Nicolina Gaetano

    Southern quotes

  • Kayla Hurst

    The South - Growing up Southern is a privilege, really. It's more than loving fried chicken, sweet tea, high school football, hunting and guitars. It's being devoted to God, front porches, moon pies and each other. We don't become Southern - we're born that way.

  • Jessica Davis

    God's Country

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good idea for a logo. maybe in place of a flagpole use a candle with smoke hosting the words?

Anchor. (And let go of what others have done as well- to be honest this can be hard for me but I'm trying!)

Find the time to read, to smell the flowers, to paint your dreams, to have xoffee with a friend, to learn a new craft, to write a letter, to take a surprise cake, to go somewhere special, to really be with the person you love, or even to do nothing for a while...

Phrases of a Southern lady! (Warning: some statements have more than one meaning!) // reminds me of @Lara Casey :)

I've always said Southern is a state of mind...I'm not from the deep South but I'm from below the Mason Dixon and I have way more in common with the Belles than any yank ;)

  • Paige Lewis

    Country is a state of mind. Redneck is a state of mind. Old fashion is a state of mind. Being southern is entirely dependent on where your from(:

  • Melissia Tobias-Anderson

    I'm a Yank, but wish I would have been born in the south, its much more kind and slow down there

  • Connie Bode



Vintage Dictionary The South Print plus by TheSalvagedSparrow, $8.00

I always get funny looks when I say this here in the district. "Do you mean you're about to?" "Naw, I'm fixin to."