play ball!

Mickey Mantle, New York Yankees

Ted Williams: Sweetest swing ever, my hero, greatest baseball player that has ever lived, #9. Enough said

Roberto Clemente

Pete Rose - Reds vs. Cubs, August 1975 Cincinnati's Pete Rose dives into third base in a game with the Cubs at Wrigley Field. Baseball's all-time hits leader, Rose was 4-for-9 and drew eight walks during the series with Chicago.


In no particular order.


Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth

Well, they were wrong. Girls play great baseball!

Or my students I have grown to love ❤️⚾️

Roger Maris hits his 61st Home Run in 1961

Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle - NY Yankees

Roberto Clemente

Mariano Rivera - NY Yankees NOT a Yankee fan but I am a baseball fan & #42 is the best closer in the game. Baseball will definitely miss him.

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Yogi Berra - NY Yankees

Satchel Paige, Cleveland Indians

NY Yankees - Babe Ruth & Yogi Berra

Lou Gehrig & Babe Ruth of NY Yankees