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    Anyone who naively believed in Subway's "footlongs." | 22 Trust Issues

  • Steven Prelgovisk

    It bugs me that the government makes so many regulations, but it will let businesses lie. How many coffee cans have you seen filled to the top" A 2x4 is NOT 2"x4," and a "Foot Long" Subway sandwich is not a foot long. Make it ILLEGAL for them to lie please.

  • L

    Foot long = 11 inches?

  • TheFunnyBeaver.Com

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    Subway Customers Claim False Advertising for 11-Inch Foot-Long Subs A Reddit user's theory as to why the sub was shy an inch had to with a cold sandwich vs. a hot one. When the sandwiches begin cold, they maintain their size, but when the sandwich is served hot and then becomes cold, shrinkage can occur.

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