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Espalier Fruit Trees: That's Natty!

How-to espalier fruit trees,

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How to Espalier

How to Espalier Step 1: Plan your pattern.Fruit trees are often grown horizontally (A) to maximize fruit set. For quick coverage of long walls, consider planting several trees and training them into a Belgian fence pattern. Step 2: Choose a location. Any solid wall will do as long as there is enough light for the plant you want and room to plant.

Glamour Dropsfrom Glamour Drops

Espalier Fruit Trees: That's Natty!


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Grow Espaliered Trees for a Slim Fit

Learn the art of espalier—growing trees or shrubs in two dimensions. It's a time-honored fix for the space-challenged garden. | Photo: Lynn Keddie/GAP Photos |

Espalier designs: I would live to do the one against the house on the bottom, it would be fantastic since we don't have a huge yard.

A better way to grow strawberries and other hanging fruits and berries is to use growing boxes or tubes elevated off of the ground. You can even grow them at waist or chest level for easier growing, tending and picking. No more rotting caused by laying upon the ground while developing!

espalier patterns. I saw lemon trees in a simple espalier along a 3' planting strip between a fence and the driveway. Clever use of space and what's not to love about citrus!


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.Nice Work For A Small But Simple Artistic Yard! Look Closely At The Planning And Its Simplicity. A Very Nice Combination Of Simple Shapes Created In Simple Ways.


Growing Fruit Trees in Containers

How to Grow Fruit Trees in Containers

Espalier If the Creeper is gone, put this one the side of the house. Very pretty and visually interesting.