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Lemonade Layer Cake

Vincent (Vital Information Necessarily Centralized) from The Black Hole movie, 1979.

Kotakufrom Kotaku

The Art Of The Giant Robots Of Pacific Rim

The Art Of The Giant Robots Of Pacific Rim. This is my only problem I have with the Jaeger Unit. The use of these helicopters to take the units to where the fight is. In my opinion a weakness if they Kaiju were smart they would target those helicopters and attack before the Jaeger are even ready. Why don't most of the Jaeger units fly??

V.I.N.C.E.N.T. from The Black Hole-- he was my favorite robot back in the day. I loved The Black Hole. Haven't seen it in ages.

Old B.O.B. was, of course, voiced by Slim Pickens, who was himself an android created by Stanley Kubrick.