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Maybe when I get married my husband and I would get a matching tattoo.

Music Tattoo - for all my friends with a passion for music. I would change this a little, but I love the idea :-)

love tattoo- like the idea of the finger, but maybe over the ring finger where a wedding ring would go

I have been wanting a tattoo of the infinity symbol with hearts on the end, this might be it. Where to put it?

Scripture Tattoo - This is it! Back piece. In the depth of every storm I know He is God...I stand still and wait for His hand to carry me...

I think it's funny that people go and get this tattoo without even researching it. Because the bible verse says "we have this HOPE as an anchor for our souls". Not love. Thats why mine has the word hope in the infinity sign. Check it before you get it permanently on your body and look like an idiot.

Tattoo idea. Really like the saying. Although I think I would make it in the shape of an infinity sign instead.

word tattoos - Love - This also has a heart incorporated with it and the word love wrote within it. This would be a tattoo that would have meaning forever.