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The Scarecrow's Post: Bring on the Corpse Heads...

Dollar store skull turned into ancient mummified head with liquid latex, toilet paper and paint.

DIY creepy Halloween skull - cheap plastic or foam skull + burlap glued over it + staples and twine across mouth + twine over eye sockets + paint to make it look grungy - genius! This link is to 2nd page in this post - go to 1st page to see some basic steps - this is more of a general how-to than a detailed tutorial

Cheap Skulls - Static prop. Cover skull with foil, then cover with hot glue and then paint. Tutorial attached.

DIY Looks like something out of The Dark Crystal! Awesome!

Dollar store skulls turned evil - HauntForum

Make Tons-o-skulls

Creepy Scarecrow ~ Tutorial

Cover door knocker with spray-painted skull from the Dollar Tree

Making Zombies from foam male mannequin heads.

Everyone want's to look good in their Halloween costume [ UndergroundGym.com ]

Bloody candles for Halloween!


great three-part tutorial on corpsing skulls

Corpsing a skeleton...must make this guy

Scarecrow tutorial

pumpkin bits for guts

great Halloween columns

I have been planning on turning some phone books into spell books! Awesome tip to make it look leather!


great to drop into a guacamole dip and chip platter