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The Japanese Maple bonsai tree, acer palmatum is the plant’s scientific name, is a beautiful white bonsai tree with pink flowers. This is one of the coolest bonsai trees ever known to man.

I have always wanted a bonsai tree, but I'm wary of laying down several hundred dollars on something that I will almost inevitably neglect to death within a month. Also, it would be comically out of place in my otherwise spartan and lazily-decorated apartment; a zen miracle in a pile of laundry.

Moving Out of the Bonsai Mainstream with a Deft and Delicate Touch

mini bonsai - I need some bonsai trees for my house

Japanese Maple. We have a couple of full sized Japanese Red Maples at our house that I will miss when we sell the house. A bonsai would be great at our condo.

Japanese maple bonsai, fall colors whenever you want by tricking it with a cold refrigerator frost over night. : )

mini bonsai Japanese maple

Old Wisteria Cascade Bonsai in Spring by Brooklyn Botanic Garden, via Flickr

Japanese Maple Bonsai - popular for its changing of colors with the season...

~~Acer palmatum "Deshojo" Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree by Steve Greaves~~