"Pad to be perfect!" advertisement for c. 1950s.

add inches!

50's Frederick's of Hollywood

Vintage advertisement.

Charm Magazine, August 1959. #vintage #fashion #1950s

Baby's First Cigarette

Marie Antoinette’s actual shoe collection

girdle and records


1955 Lana Lobell catalog, "Summer Symphony of Fashions," page 9 #1950s #fashion #vintage

1950s SEE! Pepsi is "light" refreshment...no need to have a diet! LOL ;) This ad tells me so!

Carefree (beautiful!) 1950s cotton summer dresses. #vintage #1950s #fashion

1950s mother feeds a baby seated in a high chair while the father dries his hands and smiles at their son and daughter, who are eating at a small table in a kitchen.


1950's Glamour. <3 jαɢlαdy

modelling in Russia, 1950s

Photo by Alexis Waldeck, 1970.



Zip into glamour