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true. my friends and I have had lengthy discussions about harry potter

Bookfessions I make Harry Potter references in real life. Some people think it's *reddikulus* but I don't care.

Neville Longbottom #cardigan #harrypotter #matthewlewis

Harry Potter: Greeting Cards

fighting voldemort in a cardigan because you're neville f***ing longbottom

Just happened. I always seem to lose my phone...

Yes. All the time. Make my life a whole lot easier.

Keep Calm and Reblog.

Keep Calm. A Letter from Hogwarts Is Coming.although it's already 10 years late.

Harry Potter Book Vs. Movie Fans

Book fans VS Movie fans - I do this in my head a lot, mostly it makes me feel like slapping people silly.


Haha, so true! Sorry I'm not sorry my Harry Potter obsession has only grown with age :)


No, this is a carrot with nematode damage. If it were a mandrake, it would be much louder. And not a carrot.

Yes, I am a Christian.   No, I don't think Harry Potter is evil.

Yes, I am a Christian. No, I don't think Harry Potter is evil. This is exactly me I'm like I am Christian and I do believe in God but that doesn't mean I can't read about wizards and love witches. It's not like I'm devoted to witchcraft.

Omg I would wear this every day if I could!!! so true though

Never Judge A Book By Its Movie

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