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This is what my hair is supposed to look like :-/

How To Style a Perfect Undone Bun

Long hair layers, thinking maybe a good one for me!!

Spock secretly loves diamonds.

Yoda is sexy and he knows it.

Shy Guy steals my engagement ring.

How to keep an engagement ring safe.

“Helph… My thounge ish sthuck to the thloor.”

Maybe Octomom needs to find a job in a magical enchanted castle, instead of asking for donations on the internet. :P

The Queen's message to the Olympic archers. #HungerGames

Peanut the backyard mini-horse.

I made these cute little Princess Leia cupcakes for Star Wars Day. I'm a terrible cake decorator, but they're not too derpy looking.

This is a bit TOO uncanny for me.

Rocking some Iron Man 3D glasses. Like a boss.

I work a couple of blocks from Starbase Dental and it took me over a year to realize it. #fail

Yes, I made this picture, and I'm quite proud of it, thankyouverymuch. ♥, Mary.

Day 1 of C2E2 - the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, featuring new comic creator... Shia LaBeouf?




Morning sky.