completely true

Yeah, no one likes your bratty kid!!

Hahaha :) ain't that the truth!!!!

Hahaha..... So true

Ignore the flush my friends! You know you're best friends if you can pee and flush while talking to each other on the phone.

So true!

....ah haaaaaa....


Female - The Original Ironman on an Athletic Grey Racerback

I've adopted this reaction from my husband lately. He is SO good at this and it's hard not to laugh when I see him do it to someone he finds completely ignorant.

Yep this is the story of my life ... Procrastinator




So true.

It's called "retail therapy". Or maybe "thrift store therapy", right, @Beth Hess? :-)

lol this is me today.

No it's 'I can't wait to show off my burn from the beach!'