Jeff Lewis.

Jeff Lewis

Classy guy that I will always adore..George Clooney

Mike Rowe.

gold, baby!! ryan lochte!

Jeff Lewis


Jason Segal

Michael Buble.


edward norton

George Strait...and yes, George again!

James Marsden..

Stephen Colbert and John Stewart

Richard Gere


Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton :) i wish i could marry them both.....

*sigh* Bruce Willis, sexy can be the way a man looks at you and speaks to you, not just good looks. he has all three.

Sarcastic, witty & a fabulous interior designer? I'm all in. Jeff Lewis, star of Flipping Out & Interior Therapy. Possibly my favorite person on TV & I was hooked from the first episode. I love my gays!

JGL...simply adorable.