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  • Jerry Oakman

    The Lost Continent Lemuria is in Pacific Ocean. Most prominent Islands such as Tonga Islands, Easter Islands, Lelu Island, Malekula Island, Palau’s Babeldoab Island, Mu’a Island, Tahiti, Fiji, Hawaii, Samoa, Cook Islands, Line islands - Republic of Kiribati, Society Islands, Marquesas Islands, Leeward Islands, Gilbert Island and others were part of the largest continent in the World - Lemuria. Most of the inhabitants were Giants 12 feet in height. Megalithic stones,... ~ H.P. Blavatsky

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Easter Island heads have bodies. The dirt and debris partially burying the statues was washed down from above and not deliberately placed there to bury, protect, or support the statues the statues were erected in place and stand on stone pavements.

i did not know they had bodies. but they have been excavating the MOai on Easter Island and blogging the result of their efforts. including finding petroglyphs that have been preserved under the soil, protected from erosion.

The Lost Lands of Mu and Lemuria. This is an hour long youtube video done by Lilou interviewing Faith Spina who is a very unusual high vibed frequency holder. It is her journey of faith to writing her book 'Bridge to Lemuria'. Faith, miracles, and her story to moving to the Land of Mu now known as Kauai. I enjoyed this very much. Make time to watch, sit back with a favorite beverage and enjoy this refreshing woman and her story. Love to you All

Love the way that loincloth is knotted in the back. VERY different from Mesoamerica. I wonder if Islanders near to this still use this knot for anything?

Lemuria Continent | zivug: EL CONTINENTE DE LEMURIA

Easter Island heads have bodies!!

La raza Lemur (tercera raza) eran más físicos, hasta esta época ya habían pasado gran cantidad de años. esta raza también era muy espiritual aunque con menos poderes que los hiperbóreos. aun así ellos tenían contacto con el edén. esta raza como las dos anteriores eran andrógenos - hermafroditas. ellos eran gigantes de 2 a 6 metros. su país estaba cerca de Australia y se dice que eran aproximadamente 64 millones. vivían en una región muy poblada de volcanes, en el océano pacífico.

Easter Island's mythical moai statues look even more eerie in the moonlight www.travelnation....

Easter Island (Rapanui) mo‘ai by night | by Ben Smethers ©2008 | bsmethers, via Flickr [Please keep photo credit and original link if reusing or repinning. Thanks!]

Muy buenos días, viajemos a nuestra Rapa-Nui y comenzemos de la mejor manera la última semana de Septiembre.