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    The Lost Continent Lemuria is in Pacific Ocean. Most prominent Islands such as Tonga Islands, Easter Islands, Lelu Island, Malekula Island, Palau’s Babeldoab Island, Mu’a Island, Tahiti, Fiji, Hawaii, Samoa, Cook Islands, Line islands - Republic of Kiribati, Society Islands, Marquesas Islands, Leeward Islands, Gilbert Island and others were part of the largest continent in the World - Lemuria. Some of the inhabitants were Giants 12 feet in height. Megalithic stones,... ~ H.P. Blavatsky

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Lost Pacific Continent Of Mu Or Lemuria: What Is The Evidence?

La raza Lemur (tercera raza) eran más físicos, hasta esta época ya habían pasado gran cantidad de años. esta raza también era muy espiritual aunque con menos poderes que los hiperbóreos. aun así ellos tenían contacto con el edén. esta raza como las dos anteriores eran andrógenos - hermafroditas. ellos eran gigantes de 2 a 6 metros. su país estaba cerca de Australia y se dice que eran aproximadamente 64 millones. vivían en una región muy poblada de volcanes, en el océano pacífico.

Ica Stones of Peru - Crystalinks


l’extraordinaire étendue de l’Océan Pacifique geo mane p2 by pilllpat (agence eureka), via Flickr

Lost Pacific Continent Of Mu Or Lemuria: What Is The Evidence? -

Art Blog/Eric Whollem: Stamps From the Lost Continent of Lemuria/ Map of Lemuria

The basis for these Virus project lies in the mythological continent “Mu”. It was located in the Pacific Ocean inhabited by “refugees from other continents”. Mirroring events of the past, the Virus project now provides construction of a new continent in the area of the lost continent “Mu”. Development of a new continent with new advanced technologies, that enable self-sufficiency; with appropriate social order and catarthical purification of inhabited human population;

Cook Islands. I had the most amazing two week vacation doing absolutely nothing on an atoll in the Cook Islands.

Mu, Mayan, Egyptian alphabets The similarities are uncanny. Did these three civilizations communicate with each other?