there's something about this that i just love

The Ants Dream! by Rakesh Rocky:!-by-rakesh-rocky?utm_medium=pinterest&utm_campaign=nativeshare&utm_content=web&utm_source=500px #Photography #Ant

hotel rooms are so unique. where else can u jump up and down on the bed in ur shoes with a show cap on ur head, thinking 'what can I steal next' .....-Dylan Moran


mystery wave=energy Egomaniacs...!!! bad for them :))) Never ever ever ever....!

come out in search of summer magic grimm and fairy followers art photography ethereal spiritual style

Barbara Cole



Dramatic/Energy/Tranquil: blended blue-greens of ocean water

Like flying.

abyss of the disheartened : V. By Heather Landis _____ kinda scary. but still cool, interesting i suppose

abyss of the disheartened VII


Heather Landis


Philippe Paoli. underwater photography

Under the water the world was so much different. There was no up or down, no left or right. There was only the pull of the currents that guided you, the steady tug of a flowing stream. All you had to decide was whether or not you would follow.