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    That awkward moment when you cant find a bra so you just stuff your boobs in your pants.

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    That awkward moment

    Welcome To Walmart. Please Show Us Your Butt. No Pants? No Problem!

    Where are her pants??? Did she forget them???

    But she HATES shirts.

    where's your bra?

    No mirror I guess.

    awkward moments

    That moment when you find out Titanic was filmed in a plastic pool, and your whole life is a lie.

    No she did not

    Awkward moment....

    And the award for longest cleavage goes to….Seriously though, boobs are supposed to stick out. So if you can pull your shirt down to your knees and still not flash anyone, how ’bout we cover up those deflated balloons and just go back to yearning for the good ol’ days when they had some perk.

    That Awkward Moment: What Would You Do?

    Fish bag bra. Hm, weird. Next year...this should be your Halloween costume next to Shane's kitty!! LOL...

    That awkward moment when you have to tape your baby to the window for the family picture... Who does that?!

    Well, this is awkward...

    I nearly peed my pants laughing...

    How to hide food from boys


    When your friend gets sick and you don't know what to do. Honestly made me laugh out loud!!!