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    • Kristen Francis

      #that awkward moment (used to do that with my kids when they were young and they would start laughing at me! Seriousness totally gone!,)

    • Nancy Graham

      So true :D That awkward moment when you are yelling at someone and you mess up a word. And it ruins he seriousness....

    • Tristan Hugues

      if they start laughing or giggling whatever you do don't stop talking if anything start yelling at them for others things they've done or will do...... make yourself not look like a joke....

    • Gina Baker

      So true :D of course its normally with a kid too who will always point it out and won't let it slide lol

    • Stephanie Combs

      So true! You are yelling at the kids and they start laughing then you start laughing, ugh!

    • Madison Lott

      So true when u do that with my friends I mess up the word and we all start laughing 😂😂

    • Levi Evans

      teenager post awkward moments - Google Search

    • Shelby Dobbs

      Story of my life lol I always mess up words

    • Tara McGrew

      funny stuff

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    All the time! that and when someone keeps trying to talk to me when im doing that..."my mom likes to do that"

    all. the. time.

    For real! I hate that!

    I laugh at this now, but the next time I see a spider, this will be running through my head...

    I hate when that happens

    So true!!!

    So True! lol

    That awkward moment when your friend gets sick, and you don't know what to do...

    Wish I had the balls to do these things! I will be laughing to myself next time I am on an elevator. So funny!

    So my mom!

    all the time

    Every. Damn. Day.

    So true!

    love/hate relationship with auto correct !