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Beach Ball Fun- Kick through obstacle course. Sit on beach ball when music stops. Toss into laundry baskets. Set atop a cone to bat with a noodle. Carry with a friend each using two hands, one, & no hands! See more ideas!


Drip Castle Try this fun twist on a traditional sand castle. Fill a bucket with half sand and half water. Pour wet sand through a plastic funnel to build an abstract beach structure. Don't have a funnel? Cut the bottom off an empty two-liter bottle to make your own.

Beach--:: Sand from our favorite beach, shells, three wooden peg people, sea glass and bits of coral, leaves (fallen) from one of the trees that lines the pathway to the beach, shovel and pail

A cute idea for gray, winter days. DIY indoor pool for the kids, bring summer to them all year round. Sunscreen need not apply.

Acrostic Poems / I like the idea of a descriptive writing piece for my 5th grade students AFTER their summer break.

@Megan Ferrell this is so cute!! the website shows you a beach themed classroom!!

Kids Outdoor Summer Craft-Sandwich zip lock bag, 2 dk. blue pieces of paper, sand, shells and stars. Seagulls on both ends so that you can turn it upside down too!