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I'm addicted to Google and Bing for this very reason. Anytime something comes up I don't know about my husband just looks at me while I scrabble for my iPhone and says "Google".

When you're trying to read but you can't find a comfortable enough position.

If there is moisture in the air, there is already no hope for my hair. The textbooks still have a chance!

A very potter musical.... I know the feeling.

I do this & it's not nerdy...sad maybe, but not nerdy.

Jay Z has 99 problems but nerd girl problem #451 ain't one. Jay Z isn't a nerd or a girl, you guys, why would you think this is one of his 99 problems. You guys are so silly.

Nerd Girl Problem 167 - How Short Your Contact List Is And Half Of Them Are Family Members.

I so do this.. Hey Hannahh will you help me figure out this problem "uhh I don't know how either"

OMG Harry Potter and the Hunger games in ONE pin :)

Happens all the time. Solution: sometimes I randomly break into song. No one else gets it, but I think I'm hilarious.

Every time. It's soul-crushing. And if/when my books are made into films, I will not allow this to happen. Dang it.

Im Not A Nerd Girl But I Do Love Me Some Big Bang Theory And Especially Some Sheldon Cooper :)