Pig Pen built with free wooden pallets DIY'S

Pig pen

Our sheep pens made from pallets

North end of DUCK PEN

LOVE this idea for a pig pen..

dog fence/horse pen - this would be great to fence in the half acre behind the house. Then we could let clank out or the dogs!

Round pen made from tires. Interesting way of recycling and creating a VERY safe training environment.

Provides a goat starter list that those starting out with goats should consider having on hand - via Better Hens and Gardens

How+To+Make+A+Pig+Pen | The pigs have come direct from a sty, so we built an enclosure out of ...

Yeah for me my husband loved this look and now I get new pens for my Angora goats. Putting a sliding barn door on the house for nighttime safety.

How to set up a pig pen - raising pigs

Pallet run-in shed. Made from all recycled materials. Cheap and cute!

Backyard dog house area made of pallets such a great idea www.diamondintheruffspa.com www.diamondintheruffspa.com

Animal pen made from pallets.

8' x 8' Hog Pen With Attached Shelter Enclosure

rabbit pen

Another easy climbing place to keep them happy, maybe keep them in the pen?

Pallet fence

Recycle pallets to create a free chicken run to give your hens more space to roam.