New to canning? Don't be intimidated! Taste of Home's got a great overview to get you started, with links to some awesome recipes.

Sweet and spicy Chili Sauce with pineapple. Once you try This simple homemade Sweet chili sauce recipe, I am sure you would stop buying it from the store. Basic ingredients such as chili flakes,sugar,vinegar go into this beautiful sauce. The addition of pineapple gives the sauce a good kick.

Canning is an efficient method of home food preservation. Jars are easy to store and, provided they don't freeze, the food stays good for a long time time.

Canning blueberries ~ Repinned by Federal Financial Group LLC!/Federal.Financial.Group.LLC?fref=ts

How To Can Your Own Tomatoes - Canning tomatoes is not all that hard. In a few simple steps, you can enjoy your homegrown tomatoes, months after the growing season is over!

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