"HAPPY - SMILE. SAD - FROWN. Use the CORRESPONDING FACE for the CORRESPONDING EMOTION." -Kate, "French Kiss" (Meg Ryan & Kevin Kline)

Christmas Vacation

French Kiss.......my a** is twitching. U people make my a** twitch

Art The Family Stone movies

Mary Poppins~Julie Andrews

FRENCH KISS Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline

"Now I don't have to call you Mr. Knightley, I can call you my Mr. Knightley"... Love that line

"I hate Paris in the springtime/I hate Paris in the fall/I hate Paris in the summer when it sizzles/I hate Paris in the winter when it drizzles/I hate Paris, oh why oh why do I hate Paris?/Because my love is there... with his slut girlfriend." My mom and I's all time fav movie FRENCH KISS! "All men are bastards!"

quote from You've Got Mail (1998) starring Tom Hanks as Joe Fox & Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kelly

French Kiss~ Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline~ Luc: Kate. Kate: [hopefully] Yes? Luc: You are not afraid to fly any more? You are thinking of your little stone cottage? Kate: It's on a hillside next to a beautiful vineyard. But that's not really what I'm thinking about. Luc: What are you thinking about? Kate: You. *sigh*

Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan in French Kiss

French Kiss "My ass is twitching.. You people make my ass twitch."

French Kiss. Meg Ryan & Kevin Kline.

Even Kevin Kline can't keep a straight face when Meg Ryan says this line in French Kiss

City of Angels :)

Gotta love the Dexter quotes!

Pretty Women

FRENCH KISS Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline