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  • Bri Bohannan

    I remember when I was a kid dressing up as rainbow bright! I would put on my demim dress, a striped t, and slinkys on my legs, I would pretend I was her for hours.

  • Jennifer Vettrus

    A blast from the past! Rainbow Brite, Twink, & Starlite

  • Miracle Priester

    #oldschool #80s #cartoons #childhood #memories #rainbowbrite love me some Rainbow brite

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i was always jealous of my cousins rainbow bright doll, brings back the memories :)

Cassette tapes. Yep I had these tapes in the 80s

More 80's toys. Geeedsh i had most all of thes!! Purple pie man and look at booberry!!

10 Absolute Best Girl Toys from the 1980s..... its all my favorite toys in one spot!!

My oldest daughter, Jennifer, had the rainbow bright doll in the red and blue outfit. She called it her "babyfriend". I'm not quite sure where it ended up.

Rainbow Brite. Oh the memories!/Pinner. ~ Sold some kept one perfect one for me.

Vintage Rainbow Brite pillow case, 1983...I always wanted to be Rainbowbrite!