Lit Motors Inc. No matter how much push or crash onto this little Electric two wheeler it will NOT fall on it side. An excellent vehicle for countries who have rainy climate and depend on Eco two wheelers to take them around! Lit Motors if you hearing me Market in India and make a killing in profits alone.

RYNOs single-wheel electric scooter. Self-balancing scooter - its conceivable that commuters could bring one onto a train.

ICONA's E3WM is a High Performance Electric Vehicle #eco #vehicles

Three Wheeled Electric Honda 3R-C Vehicle

RYNO Motors Full Story - YouTube

Lit Motors - Look into the Future - YouTube

"Now imagine a vehicle that’s smaller than a Smart Car, nearly a third of the price of a Nissan Leaf, safer than a motorcycle with a range capacity that just lets you drive and won’t ever tip over? What you get is Lit Motors’ C-1, the world’s first gyroscopically stabilized, two-wheeled all-electric vehicle. Oh, and it will talk to your smartphone and the cloud."


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Electric Diwheel

You look around most city centers and the majority of people have pretty standard looking bicycles: they have two wheels, handlebars, a frame, the standard stuff. However what you don’t often get to see are the bizarre aprroaches to the vehicle that are done behind closed doors. Well let me give you a sneak peak into the crazy world of concept cycles with these 41 Eccentric Bicycles.

The Light Cycle - Hammacher Schlemmer

Sporting only three wheels and one seat, the PCD is definitely a commuter vehicle and not a family car. Rather than regular side-opening doors, the PCD features a hatch that lifts up to allow passengers access. This definitely adds to the vehicle’s futuristic looks.

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Electric MotorCar

The Knight XV - dubbed the world's most luxurious armoured vehicle - is the new mode of transport for people wanting to combine security and comfort. At 20ft in length, the imposing car stands at more than three feet longer than a Hummer and is a whole foot wider. Bulletproof body and glass.

The CB550 was only produced between 1974 and 1978, its predecessor was the CB500 and it was succeeded by the CB650 all of these bikes were offered under...

Lit Motors unveils all-electric, fully enclosed motorcycle

Folding Electric Vehicles for Personal Transport by Peng Huashun » Yanko Design

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The Motorized Monocycle