Can You Reverse Scoliosis with Exercise?

by Jan Annigan
Scoliosis occurs when your spine takes on a side-to-side curvature rather than following a straight up-and-down alignment. Scoliosis often becomes apparent during childhood or adolescence but may also show up in adulthood. The University of California Davis reports that scoliosis affects 2 percent o...
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    What Core Exercises Can I Do With Degenerative Disc Disease & Herniated Discs? | LIVESTRONG.COM

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    exercises for the erector spinae back muscles. Good information for clients between massage sessions. Reverse Scoliosis, Erector Spina, Spinal Fusion, Legs Exercise, Home Exercise, Spinal Stenosis, Back Exercise, Back Pain, Colors Exercise

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Scoliosis is a disorder which causes an abnormal curve in the spine. Fitness Republic tells you all about Scoliosis and yoga for scoliosis.

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yoga for scoliosis

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