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I need a hug.

hehe :)

I’m bored of you all. Stop the Earth from spinning, I want to leave.


happiness is to ..be together ..till jannah by madimar.deviantart.com on @deviantART

ياريت زماني..مايصحنيش...!!

And the rare times you do feel, it's intense and crushing, making it harder to want to feel again because of the constant disappointment.

Hahaha اللهم اكفيناالشر

ما تحاولش

DesertRose. ... الله لا يخيب ظن من أحسَن الظن به .. تفألوا بالخير تجدوه...

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شعر ، ادب ، اللغة العربية



Arabic Calligraphy/Graffiti Nagib Mahfouz


فما كل من تهواه يهواك قلبه..♥

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Poetry and coffee, two of my most liked things

ثم التقينا....... I was Just a normal person until we met < translation “I was one man then we met.”/

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