"Shades of Grey" by orysa on Polyvore

I love leather jackets. I have them in every color!!

"Black, Gray, and Charcoal" by sweetlikecandycane on Polyvore

"PInks and Greys" by in-my-closet on Polyvore

"White & Ivory" IN LOVE Want every single item!!!! #adore

Fashion Worship | Women apparel from fashion designers and fashion design schools | Page 12

"At the Office" by orysa on Polyvore

5th and 7th

Grey and Plum :)

"Spring" by cindy32tn on Polyvore

"Ebony" by orysa on Polyvore

Casual Outfits | amethyst and grey - Fashionista trends I am loving that grey sweater aren't you?

insert into my closet pls

Several choices

Nice ideas!

Loving these outfits!

Teal and grey:)

♥ Coral & grey

love the blue w/grey!

"Be Mine" by pamnken on Polyvore