This is what happens every time I go to pick out something to read/watch... Add Pemberly, Central Perk, Mansfield Park, and Scranton PA and this is my life!

The Most Addictive Books of the Last 25 Years Read more:

Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Tea Set

9 books you should have read in high school that are totally worth reading now. If you didn't read these in high school, don't worry: you'll enjoy them more as an adult anyway.

Go to Hogwarts - go directly to Hogwarts. . . I want this sooooo bad

These books worth reading feature husbands with double lives, mothers with hidden pasts, dark family histories, and more!

Harry Potter

The Girl on the Train is the hottest bestseller of 2015. Already read it? Here are books worth reading next.

Harry Potter harry-potter

25 Books EVERYONE Should Read in Their Lifetime!! Great list -- good Summer Bucket List reading.

Harry Potter Pillows!

100 Books Worth Reading Always looking for lists of books to pretend I will read one day.

Candelabra Redwoods ~ an 11 acre grove nea the Mendocino County, CA coast. i grew up in California & never knew about these amazing trees! That has got to the best treehouse tree ever!!!

Stop whatever you are doing and read this today! 5 Stars. Captivating, compelling, insightful and secrets a mile a minute. I love this book!

{Toy Story} Toy story Playset

Good Reads 100 Best Books Ever Written


WWII novels: These are the books worth reading if you love historical fiction.

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26 Very Important Nonfiction Books You Should Be Reading repin & like. listen to Noelito Flow songs. Noel.

'Turn on the Light' Harry Potter Inspired Switch Plate