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Albino Peacock.

White Peacock Males are called Peacocks and females are called Peahens .The collective term for both male and female is Peafowl Peacocks n.

el pavo con su arte es muy bonito y elegante  White peacock

Amazing White Peacock whose tail looks like the train on a brides wedding dress. I particularly loved it because my sister and I used white peacocks in our Silver Sisters Mystery, "Vanishing Act in Vegas.

White peacock (or white peafowl) is a color variety of Indian Blue Peacock - (CC) Silvain de Munck - www.flickr.com/photos/silvaindemunck/3470886791/

* White peacocks are amazing creatures. I grew up around wild peacocks, but never saw a white one. What a beautiful animal. It looks like a woman in a wedding dress. Here are some picture for you: …

Such beauty !

Albino peacock, It's technically a white peacock which is a genetic variant of the Indian Blue Peafowl. The colors in the feathers of a bird are determined two factors: pigment and structure. its unusual lack-of-color is due to a missing pigment.


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albino peacock

White Blue Peacock This bird is a crossbreed between blue and white peacocks. The result is one spectacular creature.