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Alex and Ani Silver Bracelets I have some Alex and Ani bracelets!

Alex and Ani Initial Bangle-C! I have this bracelet and several others by Alex and Ani. Love them!

Alex and Ani - obsessed with these freakin' amazing bracelets. Can't get enough.

ALEX AND ANI Feather Charm Bangle Set. My bangles are going to go halfway up my arm but i'm obsessed!

Alex and Ani, I just bought my niece two of these for her 16th birthday next month. Lucky kiddo but she's an awesome one too.

Sea shells connect us to the ocean and to the water's energy. They enable us to gain clarity so that we make better decisions and life choices. They support, guide, and nudge us along our path to happiness and fulfillment. They bring about positive energy and promise fortunate outcomes in all areas of life. Beauty • Intuition • Luck #positiveenergy

loving alex&ani courtesy of my new, wonderful friends... building up my (+) energy

ALEX AND ANI Beaded Feather Bangle Set