Tea Light Candle + Clay Flower Pot, Radiant Space Heater.

Tea candle heater

Clay Flower Pots used as heaters.

Candle-Powered Pottery Heater - for power outages due to snow or ice storms, or hurricanes.

This video is about testing if a CLAY POT using TEA LIGHTS will heat a room. I find out the truth after 4hrs. I start just after 6pm and end up seeing how it...

Alton Brown's Flower Pot Smoker

Picture of Tea Candle and Ceramic Flower Pot Heater - Improved

M: A simple heater, no movable parts, just 3 terracotta vases, nuts, bolts, washers, a metal rod and a candle.

Heat a Room with a Candle, Flower Pots, Nuts, and Washers

Making my own tea light heater: Step one - put tea lights in bread tin

DIY:: Flower Pot Heater ~ Gives a lot of heat, costs about nothing, easy to make and it looks pretty nice, too! Clay/Terracotta pots absorb the thermal energy of the candles and convert it into radiant space heat. Reaches temperatures of 160F to 180F. Heater stays hot for hours. use caution, the inner chamber can reach 500F. Heats a small area very effectively. uses 1 to 3 candles or more. How To @: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzKbFzUEWkA

I could have used this nifty idea last winter instead of using the big roll-around heater I used. Would have saved me a ton on electric bill. My house is pretty old and the room I use for my office isn't heated very well at all.

Candle powered heater...easy to make at home!

Preparedness Project - Paint Can Heaters

This inexpensive homemade space heater really works! Learn how to warm a room for less $$ or when your power is out during the winter!

How to make a Flower Pot Heater.... this is AWESOME!! It uses tea lights to heat a whole room and will cut your electricity bill.... I have to make one!! Looks cool too!

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How To Make A Candle Heater