• Sierra McCutchen

    A Girl and A Wolf and deep below the city they hid. For only Hecate knows which way to turn.

  • Amanda Edwards

    deviantART Shop Framed Wall Art Prints & Canvas | Digital Art | Paintings & Airbrushing | Animus by artist ~Rudrik

  • Maggie Hugs

    Night time

  • Charmere Jackson

    Illustration Inspiration The crosses overwhelming presence confuses me, but I love how this artwork looks. Maybe, the girl accepts the people who aren't accepted by society. Since, wolves are often killed by people and ostracized by the rural areas they live by. Her acceptance of people who are unaccepted by the church like gays, prodigious women, etc is the spark of justice igniting in the darkness of the repeated lies. ///// eyes are immediately drawn to the lightest part ...such a contrast from the dark mood of the churches above

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