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My Favorite Self Tanner~Jergens Natural Glow

This time of the year, I start to look pretty pale. I have an olive skin tone so I tan easy but in the winter time I look blah. I don’t do tanning beds, ever! I see a dermatologist yearly and he has told me too many horror stories about tanning beds. I have had …
  • Vyv Dunlap

    would like it more if it was made of more natural ingredients..but it works in a pinch.

  • Megan Witte

    Jergens natural glow express Body Moisturizer for Fair to Medium skin tones...its my must~have for beautiful, summer skin! <3 :-)

  • RaChel Perry

    Previous pinner: I refuse to use tanning beds and slather on the sunscreen, but my pasty skin isn't so attractive, so I LOVE this stuff. The combination of daily moisturizer and self tanner makes it a cinch to put on and doesn't leave streaks and gradually deepens in color so it looks natural. The Natural Glow Express has a higher concentration of self tanner and only takes 3 applications to develop a nice glow.

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After winter, I've become unattractively pale. So to jumpstart my tanning I bought Jergens Natural Glow. Before bed, I shower, exfoliate, and apply. It's a little smelly, but the smell wears off by morning.

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