What's your favorite song by The Carpenters? Our favorite is "Superstar," which is probably yours, too. "Don't you remember you told me you loved me baby?"

80s huarache sandals ` loved these

Karen Carpenter - Love you Karen Carpenter you will never be forgotten.

Karen Carpenter http://media-cache-ec3.pinterest.com/upload/550072541956478949_L057XV0Q_c.jpg

Lovely Lady Hair Net

1970's Johnson's No More Tangles - My mom always used this on my hair. Loved the smell.


I loved this perfume

Loved this pizza!

Karen Carpenter, 1973

Loved making these!

Woolworth's. I loved going to the lunch counter :-).

The Carpenters, Singles 1969-1973.

Yes! Loved them =)

lovely...would wrap my dimes in my handkerchiefs like these for Sunday School offering

loved playing jacks

loved roller skating.

As a child, I SO loved these oil lamps

Perry Como - Catch A Falling Star (1957) ... Sooo many lovely memories....Love this song so much!

I always loved collecting and playing marbles

I loved these magazines