16x20 instagram print

1st year canvas. One large image, lots of small squared images mod-podged onto a canvas. A way to use and display so many of the pictures just hidden away on my hard drive! Do this for both kids! Hang in the upstairs hallway.

Lovely framing compositions

Make a heart-shaped display of Instagram photos. How cute is this?!? It even includes a pattern to use.

How to display photos... (found on pinterest and suggested for clients of #lindseystumpphotography ) #prints #photos #frames #collage #decor

Like this, I have so many photos it would be a great way to display some of our favorite memories!

I can't believe how simple this sounds, Heck of alot cheaper than getting them made:) DIY canvas photos... super easy!

creative wall displays - I love this one

Giant family photo strips on the wall- LOVE this!

Hanging or Tabletop Bottlecap Holder by InspiredMill on Etsy

Canvases and tape!

How To Paint Your Cabinets (aka: Hallelujah!) | Young House Love


Maps of places of love <3. I'd do 6 hearts. My birth, J birth, met, married, P birth, A birth.

Really big DIY wall art using styrofoam and fabric. Also on the page is a tutorial to make your own painting using styrofoam, canvas drop cloth and random paint. Love the idea after we've painted a few rooms, to use the different colors to create a gigantic painting that ties the rooms together.

Just grab a yard of your favorite fabric and a few different size canvas and staple.

DIY Family pictures lamp shade...in daylight its a normal lamp shade...at night turn it on and your pictures appear!

For the DIY bench

How to make Matchbook Art. Great way to display your matchbook collection and remember all the places you've been.