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  • Ken Carpenter

    20 Puppies Cuddling With Their Stuffed Animals During Nap Time

  • Emmy Cole

    AWW... <3 . Night night Good night sleep tight i love you forever, sweet dreams my love and i hope u have a wonderful night/day! Bilythabamtafblcamttcmlcatiab always and forever!!!!!! ALSO! Dont forget our bible reading! Tht pic of u and kali is ADORABLE! Night night. Kisses forehead~ kisses~ Hugs~ Cuddles~

  • Jack Sprat

    I need a cuddle buddy

  • Cassie Brown

    nighty night . . . sleep tight!

  • Ariana Villani

    Such a sleepy puppy! He looks like he's getting some real good puppy sleep, snuggling his blue stuffed animal puppy pal! :)

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