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Dog drowning human for the raft

"I'm flowers" I haven't laughed until I cried in a long time - maybe it's the sleep deprivation.  OMG - my belly hurts!

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Animasyonlu Fotoğraf

Opposite actually. I love watching scary movies, my friend is ok with them and gets a bit freaked and cringes a lot

f7371c678fb6d24e32525a0ba4ce745d.jpg 640×12,081 pixels

f7371c678fb6d24e32525a0ba4ce745d.jpg 640×12,081 pixels

The more you look the funnier it gets.  And I am still laughing.....and crying now.

Why is this so funny? - Hilarious images of the week, 64 images. Accidentally Dropped Flour On My Cat

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